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Versatile wedding planner

We are pleased to introduce you to the English-speaking wedding planners Sue Hermann and Tracey McNeil, together with Rocks and Roses Weddings, Sarah Parker , The Lanzarote Celebrant and the equally wonderfully creative and Spanish-speaking wedding planner Eddie Tafour.

All three organizers love what they do and that shows in their creativity and planning as well as the way they deal with the bride and groom and their guests. So if you need more than our service, you will get everything you need here to host a sophisticated and perfectly organized wedding.

Wedding service on the island of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

Sue Hermann & Tracey McNeil

Rocks & Roses Wedding

We offer you a tailor-made service so that you have everything you can imagine for the perfect day. / Sue Hermann

Rocks & Roses Wedding

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen die englisch-sprachigen Hochzeitsplaner
Rocks and Roses Weddings vorzustellen.
Hochzeits Service auf den Inseln Lanzarote und Fuerteventura

Individually tailored wedding planning

Customized wedding planning ensures a day that is as unique and beautiful as you are when you announce your love in one of the beautiful locations of Lanzarote or Fuerteventura under the sun of the Canary Islands.

Rocks and Roses Weddings will take care of everything – from the venue to flowers, reception, photography and much more. Their list of services has been built over the years to provide you with the very best.
With many satisfied customers and their references, you can be sure of their absolute commitment to you.
With over 15 years of wedding planning experience, they are unrivaled in their industry. Rocks and Roses Weddings are a bespoke wedding planning company comprised of a team of experienced planners who will work with you to ensure that your day is a memorable one.



Rocks & Roses Wedding
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Contact Info

You can phone or WhatsApp us on the following number:

  • +34 678 066 661

Sarah Parker

The Lanzarote Celebrant

Wedding Blessings in Lanzarote

Sarah Parker
The Lanzarote Celebrant

We look forward to bringing you the English-speaking wedding planner
Introducing Sarah Parker.

Wedding planner service

Would you like to have an unforgettable wedding ceremony full of laughter in one of Lanzarote’s many beautiful locations? ​Need an engaging modern day celebrant to help you create a fun and moving wedding blessing? Would you like to have an unforgettable wedding ceremony full of laughter in one of Lanzarote’s many beautiful locations?

Sarah’s passion is working with couples and families to ensure the wedding ceremony you have planned comes to life. The kind of day, you and your guests will remember and talk about for a long time.​

By keeping the legal part separate from the ceremonial part, you can let your imagination run wild and design every part of your service.​

Working with you, Sarah will create a unique and bespoke ceremony with traditional touches that will celebrate and reveal your love story.



All about Sarah

Symbolic Rituals

Sarah Parker / The Lanzarote Celebrant

(Works throughout the Island of Lanzarote)


Contact INFO

Telephone: + (34) 649 05 05 00
Instagram: @thelanzarotecelebrant
Facebook: thelanzarotecelebrant

Eddie Tafour

eDecor & Event Design

Creativity, design and perfection. The right wedding planner creates wonderful moments.

Eddie Tafour
eDecor & Event Design

We look forward to bringing you the Spanish-speaking wedding planner
Introducing Eddie Tafour.

Wedding planner service

The wedding planner service consists in accompanying and guiding the couple from the moment of their marriage to the end of the marriage. eDecor & Event Design solve all preparations for the big day in a personalized way: from the selection of the flower arrangements or wedding bouquets to the reception of the bride and groom to the style of the event and the organization of the dance and the banquet, the reception of the guests, the coordination with the waiters, the monitoring of the timing or the important organization with the suppliers. The idea is that the couple can enjoy the event together with their guests and not have to worry that day.


Eddie´s Galery view


eDecor Wedding & Event Design

Camara de comercio Lanzarote,
Carr. de San Bartolomé, 48, Oficina 6, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas, España


Contact INFO

Teléfono: + (34) 644766300
Arrecife, España
Instagram: @edecor_events
Facebook: edecor_events

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