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Species conservation and sustainable tourism

Gentle tourism is a form of travel that pursues three main concerns: to have as little impact as possible on the nature to be visited or to harm it, to experience nature as closely, intensively and originally as possible, to adapt to the culture of the country to be visited as much as possible. We have made that our goal.

We only travel to Lanzarote on public roads and do not drive into the terrain or nature reserves. We only drive in small groups, as allowed. Our vehicles generate driving noises in the range of 50 dB and therefore pose no risk to people or the environment. Since noise has a negative effect on the environment, we have deliberately paid attention to this.

We always work with local providers when awarding services. We promote sustainability by allowing you to experience and understand Lanzarote’s natural resources up close. They then evaluate these things differently and give the whole thing a different, deeper meaning. We work very closely with the local culture and the preservation of nature in our buggy tours, because it is very important to us.

Our textiles come from sustainable companies and the printing inks we use are biodegradable. We say what we do and we do what we say. We want to stand for the topic of sustainability and constantly improve. That’s why we make well-considered decisions about who we work with, how we work, what materials we use for our products and how we lead the buggy tours.

We know that there is no magic formula for sustainability, but we really enjoy developing new, innovative ways of thinking and working so that we can have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Campo Phoenix

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