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Bracelet Men’s Campo Phoenix Maori

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Leather bracelet for HIM: Motif Maori
Back: Campo Phoenix Adventure
Total length: 24.7 cm
Maximum height: 5cm
Closure: Snap
max. wrist circumference: 22.8cm
Material: soft genuine leather with solid, soft lamination
Colour: brown / reverse side: ochre
Seam: gold / saddle stitch

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Our self-made men's bracelet is individual and unique. Laser technology creates an indestructible motif drawn into the leather that becomes one with the material. The bracelet is soft and cuddly on the wrist.
A possible hand wash ensures in addition to the high-quality material itself for a long-lasting appealing visual appearance.
Sporty and noble in character, our handmade bracelets are trendy and are wonderful accessories for the fashion-conscious.
Care instructions in addition to washing: Clean and treat once a month with a soft cloth and leather care product.

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Weight8 kg
Dimensions20,00 × 4,00 × 0,3 cm