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Pure romance – PICNIC and buggy driving


PICNIC – pure romance

Buggy ride & picnic* / unique on Lanzarote

PICNIC & buggy ride

Picnicing in Lanzarote is arguably one of the most beautiful ways to dine in nature. Especially when we think of everything you need for it. The whole thing in connection with tours that are exceptional and where you can prepare something small culinary yourself and then take it with you to your prepared picnic.

Curiosity about the prepared delicacies grows. what will it be Iberian ham, Lanzarote cheese, rustic salads, fish or chicken and freshly baked? A nice spot with a view of the unique volcanic landscape or the Atlantic Ocean, a blanket and a beautifully decorated picnic table filled with rustic delicacies that Lanzarote has to offer – that sounds like wonderful holiday moments. Pure nature all around you and finally take a deep breath, relax and take a break.

You can book one of our extravagant tours to experience this beautiful island of Lanzarote with a fabulous picnic from Campo Phoenix. We have prepared 3 different options for you to choose your picnic, which you can book with us for your picnic. Selected Canarian delicacies, prepared with love and waiting to be cleaned up by you.
We are very happy if we can realize these moments for you and you have an unforgettable, good time.

Campo Phoenix

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Family bookings

You can also book a picnic for several people at any time. We are here for you to discuss everything else with you. Contact us and we will do everything we can do to offer you a good time.


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Decide on your PICNIC

If you want to pamper or surprise HER or HIM, then with one of our picnic tours.

Picnic gallery view

Local Excursions

ride a picnic buggy

“The good lies between the volcanoes.”

Christiane Goeldner, General Manager

ride a picnic buggy



Campo Phoenix

Booking conditions:
Pre-orders at least 4 days before the date
Special requests by arrangement and extra charge!

Modell: Buggy Vintage
Colours: black or white
Seats: 4


Mojo Picnic Tour:
Pre-orders at least 4 days before the date

2 people / 1 vehicle
Duration of the excursion: 4 hours
PRICE: 360,- Euros for 2 people / 3 people = 420,- Euros / 4 people = 480,- Euros

Gofio Picnic Tour:
Pre-orders at least 4 days before the date

2 people / 1 vehicle
Duration of the excursion: 4-5h
PRICE: 400,- Euros for 2 people / 3 people = 460,- Euros / 4 people = 520,- Euros

Individual Picnic Tour:
Pre-orders at least 4 days before the date

2 people / 1 vehicle
Duration of the excursion: by arrangement
Price: by agreement

Campo Phoenix

Calle Almurcia 16, 35570 Yaiza, Lanzarote

Contact info

(0034) 629 578 200

Reserve your tour


You time


If you would like to book an extraordinary picnic tour with Campo Phoenix, you have the opportunity to find out more here.

Gofio Picnic Tour

The Gofio Picnic Tour takes you on a culinary journey into the past and present. Here you will drive a buggy and discover the heart of the island of Lanzarote and one of its culinary traditions: gofio. Health, sustainability and with great attention to detail, you will be instructed in a workshop on how to eat healthy and valuable food. Then we drive to a wonderful place of silence and pure nature guaranteed. The set picnic table with all kinds of delicious and rustic food awaits you here.

Further information can be found here.


Mojo Picnic Tour

The Mojo Picnic Tour takes you along the Timanfaya National Park to the historic Monumento al Campensino. Here the Mojo Workshop is waiting for you. You make the culinary, spicy sauce yourself and learn how to make it. You can then take this treasure with you to your picnic and enjoy it.

Further information can be found here.


Individual picnic tour

This culinary buggy tour takes you where you want to go. After detailed consultation with you, we will do our best to implement your wishes. Get in touch with us to discuss everything else in detail. We look forward to you.

Further information can be found here.

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ride a picnic buggy
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