Buggy driving & picnicking in Lanzarote
Picnic Mojo Tour

Picnic Mojo Tour

Picknick  Mojo Tour

Cultural, sustainable, culinary picnic adventure tour / incl. Visit Monumento el Campensino & Mojo Workshop
Pre-orders at least 4 days before the date

2 people / 1 vehicle
Duration of the excursion: 4h
PRICE: 260 euros for 2 people / 3 people = 310 euros / 4 people = 360 euros

Deviations in time are possible!

If you have chosen a buggy tour with us, you are a person who loves to be in nature. Someone who likes to explore the world and its wonders. We do all this as well and want to give you the opportunity to do this in an intensive way. This buggy tour introduces you to the culture and nature of the island that was born from lava and ash.

To intensify the moments, a break in the form of a picnic is part of it. So you can let everything have a better effect on you and come to rest a little. Breathing in the moments and taking a break brings renewed energy and vitality and being able to picnic in Lanzarote is arguably one of the most beautiful ways to dine in nature. Especially when we think of everything you need for it. Choose one of our three offered Canarian menus and look forward to this wonderful excursion. Combine this extraordinary buggy tour with the culinary delights of the island and your own time out.

This buggy – picnic tour covers about 80 km. With fresh wind in your nose you drive via Uga through the breathtaking wine region of La Geria to the Monumento al Campensino. There you will take part in a Canarian workshop in which you will actively produce typical island delicacies. After this workshop, the tour continues via Tinajo and the unique landscape of the Fire Mountains through the Timanfaya National Park for a picnic. Feel free to take the mojo you make to your picnic and enjoy it on potatoes, fish or chicken. After the picnic we will drive with you back to the starting point in Yaiza.

for 2 people:

Picknick Campo Phoenix

Menu 1:

- Salted Canarian potatoes
- Goat cheese and ham
- Tuna salad
- Fried fish rolls
- mixed salad (tomato, onion, cucumber)
- 2 large buns
- Seasonal fruit



Picnic Campo Phoenix

Menu 2:

- Salted Canarian potatoes
- Goat cheese and ham
- Fish salad
- Fried fish
- Mixed salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber)
- 2 large buns
- Seasonal fruit

Picnic Campo Phoenix

 Menu 3:

- Salted Canarian potatoes
- spicy, fried chicken meat
- Goat cheese and ham
- Salad (tomato, onion, tuna)
- 2 large buns
- Seasonal fruit


All menus contain 2x water 0.5l and 1x juice and 1x Cola or Fanta or Sprite. Special requests can be discussed and will be charged separately.

Reservation request

13 + 9 =


Please make sure to choose a date for your picnic tour at the beginning of your vacation!
It sometimes happens that we have to postpone a tour!
Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of your excursion. Then we can take care of you, the papers and the vehicle instruction in peace.

* 1 vehicle can accommodate 4 people // We recommend max. 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.
* Vehicle briefing before the start of the tour
* You must take your original driver's license with you!
* All tours start and end in Yaiza
* Possession of a valid driving license and identity card or passport
* closed shoes/clothing (pants - short or long)
* The consumption of alcohol or intoxicating substances before and during any of our tours is strictly prohibited.



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