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QUALITY: We strive to deliver high-quality experiences and services. Our values lie in attention to detail, professionalism, and exceeding our customers’ expectations at every step.

RESPECT: We value respect for nature, culture, and the local community. We approach our tours with a deep sense of respect for the environment, local customs, and the people of Lanzarote.

INCLUSIVITY: We believe in providing inclusive experiences that welcome everyone. We value diversity and aim to create an environment where people of all backgrounds and abilities feel respected, valued, and included.

SUSTAINABILITY: We are committed to operating sustainably. Our values include minimizing our impact on the environment, promoting responsible tourism practices, and actively contributing to the preservation of Lanzarote’s natural resources.

AUTHENTICITY: We value authenticity and strive to offer genuine experiences that showcase the true essence of Lanzarote. Our goal is to create connections that go beyond superficial tourism and foster a deep appreciation for the authenticity and cultural heritage of the island.

By embodying these goals and values, we, as Campo Phoenix, aim to offer meaningful, inclusive, and sustainable guided road excursions that celebrate the beauty of Lanzarote’s nature, culture, and community.


We aim to provide exceptional experiences: Our main goal is to offer exceptional guided on-road excursions in Lanzarote that exceed our customers’ expectations. We strive to create unforgettable moments and establish a deep connection with the island’s nature, culture, and heritage.

Promoting inclusivity and accessibility: We are committed to providing inclusive experiences for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Our goal is to eliminate barriers and create accessible tours that allow everyone to explore and enjoy the wonders of Lanzarote.

Supporting nature conservation: Our goal is to protect the environment and promote sustainable practices. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint, raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation, and actively contribute to the preservation of Lanzarote’s unique ecosystems.

Celebrating local culture: We strive to celebrate and honor the rich cultural heritage of Lanzarote. Our goal is to create opportunities for meaningful cultural exchange, support local artisans, and showcase the traditions, customs, and history of the island.

Adapting experiences to different interests: We understand that each individual has unique interests and preferences. Our goal is to offer personalized and tailored experiences that cater to different interest groups and ensure that the expectations and desires of each customer are fulfilled.


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