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1. The following general conditions and contracting terms are applicable both to the rental company and the renter.
2. Contract signing & contracting parties, payment, and deposit
2.1. Contract signing & contracting parties: The rental company is
Campo Phoenix, Calle Vista de Yaiza 21, 35570, Yaiza, Lanzarote, Spain.
The rental contract for the vehicle chosen as indicated in the front of this page is holding for the renter for the term
and rental price stipulated herein and the specifications set forth. The setting of the vehicle shall be paid separately.
2.2. Payment: The rental price shall be paid cash or with a credit card before the beginning of the on road tour.
2.3. Preferred vehicle: the renter has no claim on a specific vehicle with special specifications or colour, the rental
referring to a vehicle of a certain category. The rental company may replace the rented category by a vehicle of another category.
2.4. Handing over of the vehicle: The renter shall receive the vehicle upon signing. The renter undertakes to treat the
vehicle gently, following the guidelines of the manufacturer, as well as to observe every rule and law applicable to
the use of the vehicle. The vehicle may not be taken away from the Island Lanzarote.

3. Duration of the rental, delivery and return
The duration of the rental is ruled according to the duration of the on road tour. It is not allowed to sublet the vehicle.
Handing over and return without delivery and collection service. The vehicle shall be handed over at the rental office
and at the time agreed. The handing over shall only take place upon exhibition of a personal identification card or
passport. The return shall take place at the same place as the handing over. The renter undertakes to return the vehicle
upon expiration of the rental term at the time agreed in the reservation.

4. Responsibility of the renter
The renter is considered caretaker and protector of the vehicle and assumes civil and criminal liability; this liability
will be hold until the vehicle is returned. Following the above the renter is liable as well for theft and damages to the
vehicle, even though it has just been lack of due diligence.
The renter is liable for all fines and sanctions deriving from the use of the vehicle for which the rental company might
be held liable.
Third party damages: Any damages caused to third party´s properties shall be covered by the civil insurance of the
renter or the renter himself.
The vehicle is not insured in the event of material damage or personal injury. This is explicitly acknowledged and
accepted. Campo Phoenix assumes no liability for such cases. No liability of Campo Phoenix will also be adopted in
case of loss and damage of private objects and things of the renter. The consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating
substances is strictly prohibited before and during the booked On and Off Road Tours. Any consequences from any
disregard will Campo Phoenix accepts absolutely no liability in such cases. In case of violations in general against the
Road Traffic Act No liability is accepted. In the case of infringements, No liability is assumed and a fee of 500, – Euro is payable
in case of violation (including drug or alcohol consumption).

5. Tear and ware / repairs / unavailability to rent and draw profit
Damages should be reported to the rental company under Tlf. 0034 629 57 82 00 for the purpose of procedure.
Any liability of the rental company for non-visible or repaired damages is excluded, save in the event of intentionality
or serious negligence. When occurring damage, when you not properly use the vehicle, a prepayment for the first repair from
150, – Euro payable by the hirer and is payable locally. All other costs are charged to the tenant.
Should the vehicle not be available for rental and use during a certain term for which the renter is to blame, the renter
accepts expressly to pay the rental company during such calendar days the price stipulated herein for the rental as
compensation for the loss of profit.

6. Procedure in the event of accident
Any damages to the vehicle should be reported without delay to the rental company on Tel. 0034 629 57 82 00.
The rental company shall be provided as well with a true report on the circumstances of the incident. The renter or
user of the vehicle undertakes to report all personal details and addresses of the persons involved in, witnesses, time,
location and road as well as the plate number of any vehicles involved in the accident. The police must be called in in
the event of any accident.

7. Material and personal damages
Upon signing this present agreement the renter renounces expressly any claims for damages against the rental
company, disregarding whether these are personal or material. The renter accepts expressly that there is no insurance
for personal injuries.

8. Reservation
With reservation or booking a tour the booking is binding. If you do not appear to the booked tour, the money paid will be forfeited.

9. Jurisdiction
The parties renounce any jurisdiction they might be entitled to for any disputes arising from the interpretation and /or
fulfilment of this present agreement and abide by the jurisdiction of the courts in Arrecife, Lanzarote. Any court costs
occasioned, including the fees of court representatives or solicitors, even though their intervention might not be
compulsory, shall be paid by the party who is to blame for the non-fulfilment of the present contract.


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