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Excursion Gofio Phoenix

Gofio Phoenix / approx. 3:00 hours / temporal deviations are possible!
Culture-oriented activity adventure tour

The Gofio Phoenix excursion takes us back to the beginnings of the Conocheros staple. In this excursion we drive through the historic wine-growing region of La Gerias to the Gofio mill, which reflects the history of Lanzarote itself – the country shaped by the wind of all times.

Antojo – the wind that moves the sand at will, the sun that hardens, dries and dries the earth, the earth that is covered by the coat of various shades of vermilion, dark red and black and that maintains the humidity, but above all for the farmer from Lanzarote, who has learned to use all of this and to draw synergies from these difficulties. The farmer who has learned to make the best of it and contributed to the creation of a special and unique landscape.

As you approach the wind mill, the smell of roasted and ground grain pours through its thick walls and you can hear the sound of the engine moving the millstone. It is the very old stones that play with the crushing of the grain and produce the golden gold. A walk through the rooms lets time pass. After all the treasures of this mill have been examined, you can enjoy the production and tasting of your gofio. They knead Gofio and experience smells and tastes that they have never experienced before. After this unique experience, we drive through the sun and wind-dominated landscape of Lanzarote through small villages and plains back to Campo Phoenix.


Toilet & disabled toilet is on site at the wind mill!


DAY: Friday
DURATION: 9:30 a.m. – approx. 12:30 p.m. / approx. 3:00 hours total time! Deviations in time are possible!
PRICE: 160, – Euro for 2 people / 190, – Euro for 3 people / 220, – Euro for 4 people

Airstream, volcanoes, fun and the sea – you can experience all of this while driving a beach buggy. Look forward to an adventure of the extravagant kind on 4 tires and experience sensational driving fun on the island of volcanoes.
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have already had the pleasure: driving a buggy is sufficient for a car and an impressive tour is waiting for you. The tours are flexible for group bookings. An agreement is required in advance!

Please note the following:

Choose ONE Canarian Beach Buggy ON-ROAD tour definitely at the beginning of your vacation! It sometimes happens that we have to postpone a tour!
Please be at Campo Phoenix 30 minutes before the tour beginn. Then we can prepare the contract in peace and have enough time do give you the vehicle instruction.

* Driving licenses must necessarily get picked up!
* All tours start and end in Yaiza
* Possession of a valid driver‘s license and Identity card or passport
* closed footwear and clothing (pants - short or long)
* The consumption of alcohol or intoxicants before and during one of our tours is strictly prohibited.


* Several activ guided Beach Buggy excursions
* Beach Buggy rentals for all kind of events


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