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One for all – and all for one!

The big bang in my life happened in 2007 … I fell and I couldn’t hold it anymore. The result was a broken spine with irreparable consequences. Cross section – all my life. Paralyzed off the navel.
There I was sitting in an old new world – with new needs and old dreams. The need to live and not give up – getting back into a wheelchair every day, sitting upright and not stopping is often not easy.
But keeping curiosity and rediscovering the world brought me and my partner here to this precious island – Lanzarote.
Our motto “Life keeps rolling on” is the theme. Don’t give up – even if the wind is coming from the front. Go on and stay human even in tough times.
A person who dreams, laughs, cries and loves.


Currently our team consists of two people. We work as a family and we have common goals! Each one has a clear function and we work in a pleasant and respectful environment. The island, our onlinestore and our teamwork provide us with the best conditions for creativity and the production of great products.

We have many ideas to make Campo Phoenix interesting and different. We try to think outside the box to create something new.
Our customers should feel satisfied and happy with what Campo Phoenix has to offer.

Christiane and Christian  / Team Phoenix



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